Kick Start – Fast Track Program

Prime Practice Management System™

The Accelerated Kick Start – Fast Track program was created for go-getters and owners who hold themselves and their team accountable to the long-term implementation of a defined process.  This is the high impact fast track to jump start your productivity, create focus, and align your team on the Big Six Practice Accelerators.

Our Accelerated Kick Start program is a combination of consulting, coaching, motivation, and role analysis. We work with your entire team to re-engage ideal systems, become forward focused, create strategies to keep everyone motivated, identify what the doctor/owner needs, and much more. Mobilizing a 3-month laser focus on the “Most Important Things”, the top 20% of the activities for 80% of the impact, will yield quick results.  Expect more money with less time in the business. 

Kick Start – Fast Track Program Results:

  • A clear focus on the Big Six Accelerators
    • Accelerator #1: Superset Start
    • Accelerator #2: Huddles
    • Accelerator #3: Smile Retention
    • Accelerator #4: Trackable Treatment
    • Accelerator #5: Accounts Receivable Follow-up
    • Accelerator #6: Insurance Aging and Accounts Receivable
  • Visibility into the “ins and outs” of Practice Management
  • Increased Growth and Profitability

Kick Start – Fast Track Program Deliverables:

  • Online Team Training and private coaching sessions (12 flexible hours)
  • Powerful Team Tools to support and advance training, accountability, and tracking
  • Revenue Reveal ™ to spotlight practice opportunities