Virtual MM High Impact Team Training

Prime Practice Management System™

Our Virtual MasterMind High Impact Team Training program was designed for the highly motivated team looking for a self-paced training advantage. With our Virtual MM HITT program, your team will learn via the comfort of your office as time permits, reducing non-production hours while saving your practice add-on expenses. This remote practice management program is a great opportunity to boost your team’s productivity, learn additional tips and strategies, and develop ways to work better together.

Virtual MasterMind HITT Program Results:

The team leaders will be introduced to a model that will stimulate team alignment with a focus on the “most-important-things” approach.  Team members who participate in the program will benefit from gaining a new tool to renew systems and build team alignment.

The remote nature of this program reduces costs to the practice as compared to in-person programs.

Virtual MasterMind HITT Program Deliverables:

  • Virtual Team Leader Training
  • Powerful Team Tools to support and advance training, accountability, and tracking
  • Revenue Reveal ™ to spotlight practice opportunities