Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Melinda Heryford Practice Management Consulting has worked directly with businesses in California and across the United States, helping SMBs and dental practices in all stages of their practice take the necessary steps to grow and reach new levels of productivity and profits.

Melinda offers both speeches and in-office workshops to businesses with their teams who are ready to elevate engagement and performance by instructing on key elements of performance management, productivity, communication, leadership training, people and patient management, and much more.

  • Performance Management
    Our workshops will teach leaders and team members how to improve performance and manage different skillsets.
  • Strategic Planning
    Our strategic plan workshops are built to create a common vision, set up goals, and create structures to execute these goals in the future in ways that will accelerate business growth.
  • DiSC
    The DiSC styles provide a framework with which to better understand the motivations and preferences of each individual in the team. With this training program team members are better able to tailor their communication with their team and achieve more productive results.
  • Kolbe
    Kolbe works with leaders to understand the specific dynamics of their teams. Improve communication & collaboration among team members, align team responsibilities & individual strengths, eliminate frustration, reduce long & unproductive meetings, and more. The body of knowledge helps team members measures their instinctive way of doing things and conative strengths paving the way to maximize their potential.
  • 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
    “Teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage,“ quotes Patrick Lencioni. This program improves team effectiveness and productivity through the understanding and application of The Five Behaviors: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results.
  • The Business of Dentistry
    These seminars address the business side of dentistry for dentists in charge of the office. This workshop brings seven key elements of understanding your practice as a business. Know what it takes to manage your top seven business systems and how to engage leadership from your team to manage the practice.
  • From Frazzle to Flow Teamwork
    The demands of the phone, patient flow and the needs of the other team members often leaves the team frazzled. Discover the 6 pack of systems to move from Frazzle to Flow; to that feeling of being in the ZONE with your teammates day after day.

Melinda can also create personalized seminars if there are specific topics you’d like addressed in a way that benefits your group. Melinda’s speeches are highly regarded in the industry, and we welcome any questions you have about these seminars. Melinda Heryford is one of the few highly experienced consultants in the unique challenges that dentists face. Let her insight bring out the best in you and your staff.