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“Check It” -Practice Analysis Assessment

Many dentists want to know the total health of their practices compared to others in the industry. The “Check It” Practice Analysis Assessment is a practice fitness test that captures where your practice is right this moment compared to optimal practice benchmarks. This analysis outlines what practice fitness looks like, identifies your hidden potential, and guides you through a simple approach to tap your practice’s growth.

We find most dental teams desire a unified plan with everyone on board. The assessment is to provides “a plan” to move forward. The plan involves everyone on the team along with action and accountability tools to “go the distance.”

Begin with the “Check It” Process and discover improved results immediately!

What to do:

  • Doctors and/or office managers complete a short analysis.
  • Doctor and staff feedback is gathered via confidential surveys.
  • Your office sends the analysis along with surveys, and five days of appointment schedules.

Once the Analysis is complete, it is followed by a one hour conversation in which you discover what practice “gems” are waiting to be carved out.

What you get:

  • Comparison of your practice and industry standards
  • Review of practice information and materials.
  • One hour of Tele-Consulting.
  • “Get Fit” Action Proposal
    • (When you engage in Practice Development  service, your entire fee will be credited toward the Practice Development Plan package.)
  • Fees vary. Please email for more information

“Develop It” -Practice Development Program

Develop it” is a straight forward four-step process to develop a new level of operation for the practice. This program is designed to get your practice fit and healthy.  It is the launching pad that ensures your next level of practice success.

Step 1: Initial Assessment.

  • Practice Analysis Assessment
  • Analysis of current systems, results and accountabilities compared to industry benchmarks.

Step 2: Develop Improvement Plan is a 2-8 day on-site consulting including:

  • Observing patient flow, staff interviews, assessment of roles and accountabilities.
  • Evaluating systems (new patient process, scheduling for production, treatment presentation,
financial presentation and management, teamwork and communication, customer service, collections, marketing, hygiene/continuing care and the current patient process within the practice).Creating strategies to enhance practice “fitness and vitality”.

Step 3:  Implementation – Practice Development Program:

  • Implement Best Business Practices for key areas listed in the Development Pan.
  • Develop and clear picture of your group’s unique purpose and how to best communicate that to
the community and public at large.
  • Create goals to satisfy the strategic plan.
  • Identify roles and accountabilities for implementation.
  • Develop and train individual contributors

Step 4: Follow Up.

One Full Year of Support – A good plan takes support to stick.

  • Included in the program is a full year of support via monthly electronic practice monitoring and coaching calls.
  • Support assures implementation of changes, provides accountability, and helps build skills.

Discover a renewed level of commitment and fun in taking care of your patients at a new level while creating phenomenal and predictable results.

What you get:

  • Increased productivity with less effort
  • Key changes for new levels of performance
  • Rely on new systems for improved team performance
  • More fun at work and with patients

“Be Fit” In Office Consulting

Specifically designed programs to develop, renew and redesign Best Business Practices for your group.  Individual coaching to maximize each department’s learning and embrace enhanced practices and procedures for new levels of performance. Read what our clients say.

Front Office Development

The best way to optimize best business practices is for the administrative team to have a custom designed one-on-one training session for your office.

  • One or two days on-site exclusively with the front office administration team.
  • Learn the art of productive scheduling and communication techniques that reduce broken appointments.
  • Improve case presentations and increase case acceptance overall.
  • Learn collection strategies to increase over-the-counter collections and decrease accounts receivable.
  • Receive up to six hours of follow-up training via phone or video to include coaching, continued staff training

Clinical Development

  • One or two days on-site exclusively with the clinical team.
  • Develop time standards for clinical procedures.
  • Develop and renew quality standards for clinical duties and procedures
  • Discuss and train Best Business Practices for anticipating the schedule, directing the flow and time management.
  • Receive up to six hours of follow-up training via phone or Video to include coaching, continued staff training

Practice Management “Stay Fit”-Maintenance Program—Human behavior and habits make sustained growth challenging without a good maintenance program.

“Stay Fit”- In Office Consulting

Practice Recharge Program

Two days custom designed to meet you where you are and infuse inspiration, renew team work and develop a growth plan for the next 180-365 days.  In the “Stay Fit” Program we will:

  • Evaluate and redefine current practice purpose and guiding principles.
  • Create a Strategic plan for growth for the next year
  • Develop goals to implement the strategic plan
  • Identify roles and accountabilities for success
  • Create an environment of leadership for accountability
  • Monthly electronic monitoring

Other Services:

  • Custom designed to meet your unique needs.
  • Team Retreats
  • Tele Coaching
  • Staff Telephone Training
  • New Practice Start Up
  • Prepare to Sell
  • Onboarding New Team Members
  • Monthly Electronic Results Tracking

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