Course Title:  From Practice Breakers to Practice Makers

Discover: The Difference that Makes the Difference

Why are some practices having record highs while others are going out of business?  Some practices have leaned into the current economic conditions.

Some Doctors and team members are growing themselves and cultivating potential in their practice, which leads to productive schedules and reinforces results with teamwork.

This course is designed for the entire team and identifies the five “Dental Practice Breakers” – the biggest mistakes dental practices are making today.

Learn about the team approach to creating a successful, healthy practice today by focusing on the Fabulous Five Practice Makers, with an added benefit of developing a satisfying and rewarding work environment.

Understanding specific team member roles; the necessary systems for success; and realizing techniques to better understand your patients, all pave the way to practice growth.

“The Difference That Makes the Difference”.   In this course with Melinda, you will learn about the 5 Practice Breakers, and how to replace them with the Fabulous Five, to secure practice growth.

Course Title:  Team Communication that Creates Raving Fans!

Stop trying to satisfy your patients and try ENGAGING them!

In this up-beat and straightforward presentation, you will discover the fundamental elements of team communication that create RAVING PATIENTS.  In addition to the fundamentals, your practice will change with our proven strategies to implement what you’ve learned.  Other practices have made dramatic shifts, and so can yours.  Education-intensive discussion follows.

Topics of focus include:

  • Learn the three D’s to creating Raving Fans
  • Identify the five steps to stop Satisfying and start Engaging patients
  • Discover how to implement these steps on a daily basis within the flow of your normal work.

Other Courses:

  • Success Is In The Details-Move Into the Future as A Team
  • Marketing – Implement a Plan That “Sticks”
  • The Power of Team
  • Communication – Listening, Telling Truths and Creating Understanding
  • GAPS – Seal the GAPS with Successful Systems
  • The Business of Dentistry
  • Plan for Stress Free Productive Days
  • Communicating Financially for 100%+ Collections

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