On-Site Consulting Services

On-Site Complete Care Program

The Complete Care business coaching program is delivered in a combination of both onsite and remote meeting facilitation, working side by side with team members while studying workflow, roles, responsibilities and systems. Over the course of a year we will touch on the 44 practice management fundamentals. We will focus first on viewing the people and systems followed by team training dedicated to system improvement, role clarification, delegation and task accountability.

Included in this beneficial Practice Management program:

  • 45 hours of Onsite Coaching
  • One on one team member role observation
  • Set-up of numbers tracking tool for goals and performance board monitoring to encourage momentum
  • Staff training on improving systems incorporating tracking technology
  • Training with the Doctor/Owner and COO with review of the CEO checklist 
  • Monthly Virtual Coaching with Dr, COO and Office Manager
  • Participation in Mastermind HITT ZOOM bi-monthly sessions with other practices for greater shared learning
  • Accountability phone conferences to maintain growth

Our practice management consulting service provides dental offices with everything they need to function, thrive, and grow.

Two Day Accelerated Quick-Start Program

Our Accelerated Quick-Start program is a combination of consulting, coaching, motivation, and role analysis. We work with your entire team to re-engage ideal systems, become forward focused, create strategies to keep everyone motivated, identify what the doctor/owner needs, and much more.

This program will focus on the Big Six Accelerators covering the “ins and outs” of Practice Management by utilizing the Accountability Dashboard and the numbers tracking tool:

  • Accelerator #1: Superset Start
    Focus will be placed on “super setting” the check-in and check-out process. This one system done right will unburden the team’s workload and jumpstart the practice on the right foot with productive scheduling, elevating 100% collection and booking unscheduled treatment.
  • Accelerator #2: Huddles
    The Automated Morning Huddle enables the Practice to begin each day the right way. Identifies and presents opportunities while giving each team member a precise plan for the day to get paid for old receivables and get unscheduled treatment and unscheduled family members scheduled.
  • Accelerator #3: Smile Retention
    Implement a regular and productive reactivation schedule that is easy for the team and transparent for you to track the progress enabling you to find, fill, and keep patients in the practice.
  • Accelerator #4: Trackable Treatment
    Keeps schedules full and improve patient dental health in the process. Execute a simple and powerful process to schedule and complete unscheduled treatment.
  • Accelerator #5: Accounts Receivable Follow-up
    Implementation of our check in system will diminish the need to follow-up on Accounts Receivable. Enhance the speed of follow-up using automations of follow up, reducing payment time and improving the efficiency of your finance system.
  • Accelerator #6: Insurance Aging
    The team will learn shortcuts and frequency follow up plans to reduce the wait time for claims to be paid.