Happy Teams

Every company in the world gives lip service to the idea that “our people are our greatest asset.” Yet when the Conference Board Survey came out earlier this year, employees were the unhappiest they have been in their 22 years of tracking job satisfaction rates. Job satisfaction impacts: employee retention, customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability.  Yes, it’s a big deal.  The study revealed that engaged and productive employees desire two predominate tangibles;

1) knowing what is expected of them at work and,

2) regular and frequent feedback about how they are doing?  They want a manager/leader that will give them fairly regular feedback with regards to these two areas.

(put in here a plug in for a test, have them fill out email address info)

You’ve heard it said, “teams that play together, stay together.”  Great work groups are considered great because they include the following:

  • an inspiring vision
  • hiring right
  • having the right people are in the right position
  • utilizing each team players strengths
  • minimizing the weaknesses of team member’s
  • self-defined five year development plans
  • team goals that the team is “lit up” about
  • step by step reproducible systems creating a fabulous patient experience time-after-time
  • an environment where the team holds the team accountable celebrating practice growth and  “practice wins”, and having fun together.

These are the elements that are present within a highly productive, happy team environment.

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