Clients Say

dr-ditomassoPam DiTomasso, DMD Group Practice 30 years.

Melinda Heryford has helped our practice develop a solid foundation for the importance of systems in a dental practice. These systems have facilitated great team cohesiveness, higher production and more profitability. Let me share some of my happiest accomplishments due to Melinda’s training. Our new patient experience and case presentation has improved our acceptance percentage from 67% to 82%, we now have consistent financial, billing and collection policies decreasing our accounts receivable to less than 1times our monthly production. Our team now knows how to analyze reports to stay on track with their individual goals and the practice goals. Again, those benchmarks were achieved because of Melinda’s coaching; role playing was critical in developing the staff’s confidence and communication skills.

dr-hagenLarry Hagen, DDS Practicing 34 years, early adopter and top 5% producer

Over the course of my more than 30 years practicing dentistry, I have worked with a number of practice consultants, often with no results.  That has all changed over the past five years since I began working with Melinda Heryford, Practice Management Consultant. Now, my net has gone up , we are paperless and communication has dramatically improved. In addition, accountability is in, formal systems are in place; each team member is following the same step-by-step procedures. It takes less effort and we are producing more. What is most meaningful to me is that we are in unison and in-sync as a team. I would highly recommend Melinda to any dental team looking to increase efficiency, profitability and grow their practice.

Matt R., DDS Practicing since 2003. Purchased practice in 2009.

In the short time that I have been working with Melinda, my hourly production has increased 25%. My restorative schedule went from having holes to being booked six weeks out. Communication with my patients and my team has improved, teamwork has been enhanced and there is improved clarity in our roles and systems.

“Melinda provides me with cutting-edge, problem-solving techniques and supports me in the implementation of proven management strategies. Using these systems provides for continual practice growth.” Dennis Wong, DDS

“Melinda’s insight into what is possible has given me powerful alternatives that have enabled me to achieve more practice success than I imagined.”
S. Chong, DMD

“Among the many valuable management techniques and skills Melinda has shown me, I learned how to interview and select competent personnel. Also, I acquired skills on how to monitor my practice so I can clearly identify when we are producing powerful results.” Michael Taylor, MD

“Not only does Melinda provide management support for staffing, training, increasing productivity, and growth, but she is a great source of encouragement to me personally in day-to-day management situations.”
Stacy Peters-Nelson, DDS

Team Members Say

“I have had the opportunity to work with several in-office consultants over the years. None have shown so much care and concern for both the Doctors’ and Staff well being. And we continue to exceed our goals to boot.” Jahn Christanson, Staff

“Our new communication skills really work with our patients.” —Elena

“Now I’m part of a team that makes a difference in our office.” —Julie
“I can honestly say that because of Melinda, I am a more confident, punctual, aggressive team player.” – Jennifer

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